WCA #156 with Justin Perkins

 Working Class Audio #156 with Justin Perkins!!! Justin Perkins has been recording music since his mid-teens. It all started  in his father’s basement then progressed to recording studios around the state of Wisconsin including the renowned Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin before relocating to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he now has his own mastering studio […]

WCA #155 with Andrew Maury

 Working Class Audio #155 with Andrew Maury!!! Andrew Maury is an American record producer, audio engineer, and mixing engineer based in Brooklyn, New York. Maury has worked with artists such as Lewis Del Mar, Ra Ra Riot, Shawn Mendes, Grace Mitchell, Strange Names, Post Malone, RAC, Panama Wedding, Atlas Genius, Kimbra, Delicate Steve, Milagres, […]

WCA #154 with James Tuttle

Working Class Audio #154 with James Tuttle!!! James Tuttle is an recording/mixing engineer and producer with 40 years in the trenches. After growing up playing in local bands in the midwest and Colorado he traded his place on stage for a place behind the console and never looked back. He has worked with everyone from […]

WCA #153 with Katie Tavini

 Working Class Audio #153 with Katie Tavini!!! Katie Tavini began working as a producer and engineer before a piece of advice changed everything for her. “I was looking to improve my mixes,” she recalls. “Someone told me that if I wanted to do that I should learn to master. Whether it was good advice or not I […]

WCA #152 with Horacio Bolz

Working Class Audio #152 with Horacio Bolz!!! Horacio Bolz  is an engineer/producer from  Montevideo, Uruguay. By the age of 8 he was recording for fun and playing guitar and drums. While his life plan was originally to become a commercial airline pilot, it wasn’t until  later he realized that music, producing and engineering was what I […]

WCA #151 with David Glasser

Working Class Audio #151 with David Glasser!!! Mastering engineer David Glasser  has over 35 years of experience  in audio engineering and has mastered thousands of records, including more than 80 GRAMMY nominees. A three-time nominee himself, he has earned two GRAMMY awards for mastering and restoration of the culturally significant  Anthology of American Folk Music (1997) and Screamin’ and […]

WCA #150 with Jim Homes

Working Class Audio #150 with Jim Homes!!! Jim Homes is a producer /engineer and one half of the production team known as Boe Weaver who have worked with artists including Champs, Whyte Horses, Wolfpeople, Archie Bronson Outfit and Rhys Lewis. Jim is our guest today since according to him he is the chatty one and […]

WCA #149 with Dom Morley

Working Class Audio #149 with Dom Morley!!! Dom Morley is a Grammy Award winning producer and mixer based in his own Oxfordshire (UK) studio. Dom engineered  Amy Winehouse’s number 1 “Back To Black” album, Mark Ronson’s “Version” and “Record Collection”, Richard Ashcroft’s ‘These People’ and “Keys’ To The World’, the Grinderman (Nick Cave) debut album […]

WCA #148 with Bill Smith

Working Class Audio #148 with Bill Smith!!! Bill Smith is a recording engineer & producer wIth over thirty years experience in the music industry. He’s worked with YES, John Fogerty, Steve Lukather, Trevor Horn, Natalie Cole, George Benson, Queen Latifah and many more. He’s been  involved with numerous Gold, Platinum and both Grammy winning and Grammy […]

WCA #147 with Brett Bullion

Working Class Audio #147 with Brett Bullion!!! Brett Bullion is a mixing engineer and producer based in Minneapolis, MN. Born 1984 in the suburbs of MN, Brett Grew up on 90s Warp Records and the Ornette Coleman box set. Brett’s recording path started with playing drums in studios and eventually led to getting a Roland […]