WCA #146 with Rene Coronado

WCA #146 with Rene Coronado

Working Class Audio #146 with Rene Coronado!!!

Rene Coronado graduated in 1999 with with an AAS in audio engineering from South Plains College and jumped straight into the working world as an audio engineer at Dallas Audio Post where he does audio post and mixing, sound design, field recording and voice production. He also builds and releases sfx libraries at echocollectivefx.com and is the co host of the tonebenders podcast  along with Tim Muirhead. 

About this Interview:

I interviewed Rene when I was in France staying at Studio La Fabrique. We were challenged by 2 visiting wasps in my room and therefore did the interview in two parts (1 for each wasp-kidding). We discuss Rene’s job at Dallas Audio post, work/life balance, sound design, capturing sounds in the field and maintaining those sounds for future access as well as his podcast Tonebenders. Special thanks to Mark Kilborn for setting this up! -Enjoy!

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WCA #145 with the MWTM Attendees

WCA #145 with the MWTM Attendees


Working Class Audio #145 with MWTM Attendees!!!

This week WCA features the 2017 attendees to Mix with the Masters with Tchad Blake. Noam
Levinberg, Rishi Bradoo, Eduardo Molina Goigoux, Jeremy Glover, Chris Brandes, Brett Bullion, Peo Hedin, Horacio
Bolz, Ryan Worsley,  Matthias Ortner,  Guillaume Charret, Manuel Egger, Vincent Bonanno, Oded Davidov, Bas
Kennis and Gilles Olivesi all join me for short conversations about their experience learning from Tchad Blake.

About these Interviews:

From Sept. 20th-26th I was in France attending Mix with the Masters with Tchad Blake. I met a great group of audio pros while there. We formed a strong bond and I felt it was important to have a brief chat with each one of them over the course of the time I was there. These interviews took place in the backyard of Studio La Fabrique in St. Remy de Provence.


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WCA #144 with Jack Shirley

Working Class Audio #144 with Jack Shirley

Working Class Audio #144 with Jack Shirley!!!

Jack Shirley is a record producer, audio engineer, musician and owner of The Atomic Garden Studio located in Palo Alto, California.
He is best known for his work with Deafheaven,  Loma Prieta,  Bosse-de-Nage,  Punch,  Whirr,  La Bella, State Faults and Frameworks.
Jack is currently one year into building a new studio in Oakland, California that will become the new Atomic Garden and has been designed by Wes Lachot .

About this Interview:

I visit Jack at his new studio location in Oakland, California and see the building in process. We talk about Jack’s humble beginnings at his parents house recording on an Mbox and Dell Computer all the way to his current setup of an API 1608 and 2 inch analog machine. Jack takes me through his progression as an engineer and businessman, laying out his approach to money, band and work. Jack is truly passionate, focused and just an all around nice guy. Enjoy,   -Matt

Show notes and links:

Atomic Garden – http://theatomicgarden.com/
Wes Lachot – http://www.weslachot.com/
Mix with the Masters – https://mixwiththemasters.com/


WCA #143 with Rocky Gallo

Working Class Audio #143 with Rocky Gallo

Working Class Audio #143 with Rocky Gallo!!!

Anthony “Rocky” Gallo is a producer/recording engineer based in NYC.  Rocky has worked with artists such as John Legend, Tycho, Carrie Underwood, Cat Power, Yeasayer, Mos Def, Carly Simon, Jon Bon Jovi, Perry Farrell, Warren Haynes, Travis Barker, Robert Randolph, Andrew Bird, KRS1 and Talib Kweli just to name a few.

As the former Chief Engineer at The Cutting Room studios for years, Rocky has worked on platinum award-winning and many Grammy-nominated projects. He has worked closely with notorious producers including Steve Lillywhite, Eddie Kramer, Will.I.AM, Track Masters, and Jimmy Douglas. Rocky is constantly producing artists himself and is always excited to work in all music genres.

Since then Rocky has opened his own studio Virtue And Vice Studios located in Brooklyn, New York. Featuring a Vintage 8024 Neve Console(coming soon) he’s put together a variety of great instruments and high end analog equipment into one place with rates the indie artist can afford.  When he is not freelancing at other studios it is his primary home.

About this Interview:

Rocky chat’s with me about his time at the Cutting Room and the events that lead up to that being his first studio job. We also talk about his new studio Virtue and Vice , his new Neve 80 series, being single, money, building permits and how he goes out 6 nights a week rather sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Many thanks to WCA Kyle Joseph for suggesting Rocky as a guest! -Matt

Show notes and links:

Virtue and Vice Studio – http://virtueandvicestudio.com/
Seat Guru – http://www.seatguru.com
Mix with the Masters – https://mixwiththemasters.com/


WCA #142 with Tim Randolph

WCA #142 with Tim Randolph

Working Class Audio #142 with Tim Randolph!!!

Tim Randolph is a musician, songwriter and record producer. After producing for several indie bands in a variety of studios across the U.S., Tim co-wrote and produced Nico Vega’s debut album in 2007.  Since then, he has gone on to produce for and co-write with international stars such as Imagine Dragons, including two tracks from their 2017 album Evolve, reaching number two on billboard charts.  Along with a thriving career in production, Tim is a multi-instrumentalist that has toured globally, most notably playing arenas and festivals with The Killers.

About this Interview:

TIm joins me for a chat about his early recording and live sound days as well as  his current work producing and cowriting with Dan from Imagine Dragons. We also talk about the finer details of working with people in the music industry when it comes to songwriting splits and signing on with a manager. -Matt

Show notes and links:

UA Link for Apollo Rack Dream Studio: http://www.uaudio.com/apollo-dream-studio

Audio-Technica BLOG: http://blog.audio-technica.com/audio-techniques-video-production-comprehensive-guide/

The song Levitate mentioned in the interview: https://youtu.be/z0a9k1gSMsw

The Donald Passman Book: http://amzn.to/2wzsoRg


WCA #141 with Chris Selim

Working Class Audio #141 with Chris Selim!!!

Chris Selim is a musician, music producer and recording/mixing engineer.  Chris is renowned for his work in the French Christian music industry. Having produced and mixed artists globally in Canada, USA, France, Belgium and Switzerland, Chris has been working remotely with many of these artists using today’s technology. Out of his recording studio near Montreal, Canada, Chris has mixed and produced more than 75 albums over the past fourteen years.
Chris has worked with Canadian Christian Artist, Convenant Award winner (Canadian version of the Dove Awards) and Juno nominee Lianna Klassen. French Christian Artists such as Impact, Seb Demrey, Luc Dumont, Andreanne, Peggy Polito to name a few…
Chris is also the creator of Mixdown Online (mixdown.online), a resource website and Youtube channel design for helping musicians and home studio owners with their music production, recording and mixing skills through Youtube tutorial videos and blog articles.

About this Interview:

I  met Chris through an online “Mastermind” Friday morning video call I do weekly.  I was able to hang out with Chris in person in Nashville and it’s there I realized he would be a great candidate for WCA. Chris joins me  for a chat about  diet, money, his involvement in the French Canadian Christian music scene, and his home studio build. -Matt

Show notes and links:


Gearslutz  Audio Life: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/audio-life/

Universal Audio Rack Dream Studio: http://www.uaudio.com/apollo-dream-studio/

Follow up interview with Robert Scovill video: https://youtu.be/Nww_vjdZIPs


A Tour of Chris’ studio: https://youtu.be/rpmsZ2q_e2Q

Chris Selim’s Bullet Proof Coffee : Try at your own risk 😉

The regular recipe is One big cup of black coffee… 1 tbsp of grass fed unsalted butter… 1tbsp coconut oil… A bit of natural vanilla extract… A bit of cinnamon powder…
But if this is your first time, cut the butter and coconut oil quantity in half.  – Chris

WCA #140 with Robert Scovill

Working Class Audio Session #140 with Robert Scovill!!!

Robert Scovill is a modern day renaissance man with interests and activities
spanning a wide breadth of professional audio. Robert is a 35-year veteran of
professional concert sound and recording and has mixed over 3500 events in his
career. His engineering and production talents have been enlisted by a veritable
‘Who’s Who’ of marquee music acts including Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers,
Matchbox Twenty, Jackson Browne, Rush, Def Leppard, Prince and many others.
Scovill’s body of live sound and recording work has garnered numerous industry
accolades including 6 TEC Awards for technical and creative achievement in
sound reinforcement. Robert is a 4 time nominee, two time winner of the PLSN
Parnelli Award for live sound engineer of the year and has been a multi-year
nominee for Mobile Production’s “Top Dog” Award along with being an inaugural
nominee for the highly coveted Pensado Award for live sound excellence.

As the owner of Eldon’s Boy Productions Inc. and
MusiCanvas Recorders
in Scottsdale, AZ, he offers full service mixing facility and mobile
recording services.Robert is also a highly sought after consultant advising artists, sound companies
and the house of worship market on everything from technology, workflows and
acoustics for their companies and events.

As an educator, Robert has lectured throughout the world on concert sound and
recording practices at seminars and trade shows, and is a regular contributor to
numerous industry publications, blog sites and YouTube video series.

Robert’s profile includes positions as a technical consultant for many of the top
name manufacturers in professional audio, including Avid, EAW, Neumann, Audio
Technica, Electrovoice, Servo Drive, and Alesis. He has held the title of endorser
for numerous products, including Avid’s VENUE live sound environment, WAVE’s
digital technology, Neumann Microphones, ATI Paragon, Intersonics loud
speakers, Future Sonics ear monitors, and countless others throughout the years.

In 2006 Robert served as guest speaker delivering the keynote address for the
Annual AES conference in San Francisco. He currently holds the position of Senior
Specialist for live sound and recording products for Avid as principle designer for
their VENUE line of live sound consoles, contributing to all aspects of their
commanding presence in the live event market.

Robert’s hobbies include snowboarding, archery, pistol and rifle sports along with
endurance challenge athletic events. He has successfully completed the Lake
Tahoe North/South Swim, The Alcatraz Swim Challenge, The Great Wall Marathon
and World’s Toughest Mudder along with numerous other events.

Robert is very happily married with three children and a dog named Fender.

About this Interview:

Robert joins me via Skype in Arizona to talk about challenges on the road including diet,
fitness, staying close with family as well as his love for digital technology in the
live sound world. -Matt

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WCA #139 with Langston Masingale

Working Class Audio Session #139 with Langston Masingale!!!

Langston Masingale has been working in recording studios for the last 24 years, starting at age 16 in his uncles studio in New Jersey.  Langston helped start JJ Audio Mics in 2009 and in 2014 invented what would become the core technology of Zulu.
He formed Handsome Audio in 2015 with his partner Tod Levine and Zulu was released this year.
Langston still owns a recording studio called Narrative Audio based in Syracuse, NY where he still produces and records artists.
His passion for the analog aesthetic drives him to create new and interesting tools for the modern recording engineer and record producer alike.

About this Interview:

Alan Evans (WCA#133) suggested I talk with Langston. Langston talks about his early experiences with his Uncle’s studio in New Jersey, how early exposure to analog tape shaped his sonic viewpoint and lead him to develop Zulu. Langston also talks about his faith, family and how his experience in college also helped drive him to be the person he is today.  -Matt

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WCA #138 with Ryan Massey

Working Class Audio #138 with Ryan Massey

Working Class Audio Session #138 with Ryan Massey!!!

Ryan Massey is a musician, recording engineer/producer, and is the co-owner of Sharkbite Studios and Jack London Rehearsal in Oakland, CA. Ryan has spent a lifetime in music- singing with the SF Opera as a choir boy, belting out punk rock anthems with his band American Steel (Lookout Records/Fat Wreck Chords), doing the pop thing with Communiqué (Lookout), rocking with The Sunset Shipwrecks (Lugosi Records), touring the world, running both studios and a very small label.

About this Interview:

Ryan came over to the house and chatted about many things including how he became the owner of Sharkbite Studios, how he runs his business, getting and beating Cancer, the importance of his family and the Bay Area recording/music scene. I have great respect for Ryan. He’s a hard working honest guy who deals fairly when it comes to business. Plus he’s a nice guy as well. -Matt

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Show notes and links:

RIN-M Meta Data Plugin. 
Sharkbite Studios: 
Jack London Rehearsal: http://www.jacklondonrehearsal.com/

Photo by Scott Evans

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WCA #137 with Anthony Gravino

Working Class Audio #137 with Anthony Gravino

Working Class Audio Session #137 with Anthony Gravino!!!

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Anthony Gravino is an independent musician and record maker in Chicago, Illinois. He primarily works as a producer, recording engineer, mixer and mastering engineer out of his private studio,The Drake in Chicago, IL. In addition to his music production background, Anthony also plays guitar, bass, percussion and sings as a backing musician and a solo artist in both live and studio settings. His work includes an eclectic variety of styles across many genres including rock, jazz, blues, folk, pop, classial, R&B and a lot of stuff in between.

About this Interview:

Anthony talks with me about being influenced by Adam Schmitt  and our mutual friend Jonathan Pines, how he runs his studio, the transition from day jobs to full time recording professional, insurance, and the importance of getting out of the house to see live music and meet bands.

Show notes and links:

RIN-M Meta Data Plugin. 

Choose your airline seat carefully! seatguru.com
The Desk  https://output.com/products/platform

Anthony’s website: https://anthonygravino.com/
Anthony’s insurance agent:  Jeff Woodman of Woodman Insurance contact info is [email protected]

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