WCA #117 with Cesar Mejia

 WCA #117 with Cesar Mejia

Working Class Audio Session #117 with Cesar Mejia!!!


Cesar Mejia is an L.A. based engineer and producer born and raised in Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles. Besides engineering and producing he is a faculty member at Cal State Dominguez Hills where he teaches audio recording courses for the Digital Media Arts program. Cesar has a unique approach of putting his clients at ease, allowing the artist to perform at their optimal. Cesar’s methods and skills have allowed him to maintain an ever-growing list of clients like: Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Brian Eno, Bill Withers, Will I. Am, Beatmo, Chicago, Zach de la Rocha, Mezklah, Wayne Shorter, Hurley Clothing, Hanoi Counsel for the Arts Vietnam, Sting, Joni Mitchell, Al Geroe, George Duke, George Benson, Motorhead, Monte Carlo 76, Natashia Williams, Brujeria, Nathan East, Los Lobos, Marcus Miller, Aztlan Underground, Chicano Son, Amazon Gold Foundation, Andy Garcia, Most Eligible Basturds, Marisa Ronstadt, Susan Egan, & Kenny Moreno. Constantly working on projects of multiple magnitudes, he fully dedicates himself and applies the same enthusiasm to all his clients.

Cesar speaks with Matt about all things WCA from The Shelter Studios in Los Angeles.

More on Cesar’s studio http://theshelterstudios.com/

WCA #116 with Mark Kilborn

Working Class Audio Session #116 with Mark Kilborn!!!


Mark Kilborn is a sound designer, mixer and implementer with over a decade of experience in the video games industry. He has worked on various game franchises including Borderlands, Forza Motorsport, Brothers In Arms, Tony Hawk and Project Gotham Racing. For the last seven years he has served as one of the Audio Directors for the Call of Duty series, collaborating with teams of sound designers around the world on various projects including Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare, Black Ops 1-3, Exo Zombies, Call of Duty Online and Modern Warfare Remastered. After he and his wife had twins in 2015, he setup a home studio and continues to contribute to the Call of Duty series as a Principal Audio Designer. He lives in Madison, WI with his wife, three kids, two dogs and too much snow. Mark flew to San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference recently and met Matt at a Starbucks to talk about Mark’s world in game sound.

Mark’s list of credits include , Call of Duty 2017 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4/XB1/PC) Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (PS4/XB1/PC) Call of Duty: Exo Zombies (PS4/XB1/PC) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4/XB1/PC) – Nominated for BAFTA, AIAS awards for sound – Winner, GANG Sound Design and Audio of the Year awards Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4/XB1/PC) Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (360/PS3/PC) Call of Duty Online (PC) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (360/PS3/PC/WII) – Nominated for BAFTA, AIAS, GANG and MPSE awards for sound Call of Duty: Black Ops (360/PS3/PC/WII) Singularity (360/PS3/PC) Forza Motorsport 3 (360) Dr. Awesome Microsurgeon MD (iPhone) Borderlands (360/PS3/PC) Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway (360/PS3/PC) Samba De Amigo (Wii) Project Gotham Racing 4 (360) The Club (360/PS3/PC) Boom Boom Rocket (XBLA) Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (360/PS3) Bionicle Heroes (NDS)

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WCA #115 with Kurt Ballou

Working Class Audio Session #115 with Kurt Ballou!!!


Kurt Ballou is a musician and producer, best known as the guitarist from Massachusetts-based band Converge. Aside from his role in Converge, Ballou is a prolific producer, recording and producing out of his own GodCity Studio.  Kurt has worked with numerous bands over the last 25 years in a producing/ recording role including High on Fire, Nails, Russian Circles and Code Orange. Kurt and Matt talk over Skype discussing health, retirement, drugs, family, money and Asperger’s syndrome. Enjoy!

Show notes: Help out Mike Mchugh via https://www.gofundme.com/mikemchugh

WCA #114 with Monte Vallier

Working Class Audio Session #114 with Monte Vallier!!!


Monte Vallier grew up in the Bay Area and launched his musical career by dropping out of high school and moving to London with his band Half Church who he played  bass with. After making a record and playing tons of gigs with bands such as The Fall, Echo and the Bunnymen, and PIL,  the band called it quits in 1986. After interning at The music annex and Coast Recorders (Bay Area) Monte built his own studio with engineer Gibbs Chapman that was destroyed in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake . It was that same year that Monte started working with the band Swell as a bass player. They Made 5 albums and toured extensively in the 90’s and eventually signed to Rick Rubin’s Def American label in 1993. They made all their our own records starting with a Tascam 38 but then took all the recording advances and bought more gear. They built studios in LA and NYC and in various places in SF to make the records. Monte says he truly learned how to a make a proper record while working with Swell. After Monte left Swell he got busy by producing other people partnered  with Marc Capelle to pursue commercial composition, film scoring, and corporate music and audio post , formed Jet Black Crayon with Tommy Guerrero and toured a bit, making  3 albums then working on 9 solo records for Tommy. Eventually Monte partnered with Jamie Kahn and Nathan Harlow to create a recording space in San Francisco in 2006.

Monte has worked with many bands and solo artists including,
Tommy Guerrero, Wax Idols, Mark Eitzel, Sean Hayes, Oxbow, Chuck Dukowski and Blackface, Weekend, Mall Walk, Houses of Heaven, Never Young, Wild Moth, Hariguem Zaboy, Terry Malts, The Mattson 2, Young Prisms, Wax Idols, Jet Black Crayon, The Mumlers. The Soft Moon, BLKTOP Project, Vetiver, Rova Saxophone Quartet (OrchestraRova-Larry Ochs), [the] caseworker, Beautiful Machines, Tomorrow’s Tulips, Peggy Honeywell, GoJoGo, Kelley Stoltz,  Money Mark, Swell, The Japanese Motors, Erik Arnaud, My Diet Pill, Warbler, Kurt Nilsen, Ice Sun, Xiu Xiu, TODD, Bunuel, LiXi, Seventeen Evergreen, Rupa and the April Fishes, Ghost in the City, Trust.

Check Monte out at:

www.ruminatoraudio.com and www.momentamusic.com

WCA #113 with Mike Wells

Working Class Audio Session #113 with Mike Wells!!!


Mike Wells has spent the last 15 plus years mastering, complimented by a lifetime in music as a musician, music theory graduate, recording artist, and recording/mixing engineer. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, Mike has had one hell of a  journey to get to the point of working with artists such as Green Day, PARRI$, Prince, and Gridlock. While we all have career ups and downs of which Mike is no stranger, Mike also spent many years trying to decipher a medical condition that developed later in his life that was eventually diagnosed as  Epilepsy.  Not to be deterred by his diagnosis and the seizures that come as a result, Mike developed his mastering business which is known for his incredible attention to detail and going the extra mile for his clients.  After many challenges that would stop most people, Mike persevered and is now at a point where he is longer facing the daily threat of seizures with the help of 21st century medicine. The biggest take away from this interview is that Mike doesn’t have a “poor me” attitude. He is upbeat and forward thinking and that’s inspiring .  Mike joins us from his studio in Los Angeles.




WCA #112 with Frank Wolf

Working Class Audio Session #112 with Frank Wolf!!!


Although Frank Wolf’s background was in music, he found myself drawn to “the other side of the glass” and changed his studies to Physics and Electrical Engineering.  While in college, Frank also built and ran a small studio with an old ½” Scully at it’s heart. (ahh analog!) During those years, he met the folks at The Village Recorder, and when he graduated, he was immediately hired as a tech.  While there, the staff was given permission to use the studios any time they were open so Frank was able to hone his craft with many, many hours of studio time!  One of the bands he worked with got a record deal, Frank left his employ, recorded their album and has been independent ever since.  Frank worked almost exclusively on records for many years, but eventually got and took the opportunity to start in both TV and Feature Films. For the next several years, he worked on many of Disney’s and Pixar’s animated films while also meeting and developing working relationships with many other composers and film studios.

Frank talks to Matt from his home in Los Angles about his background, tech talk about his home mixing setup and the templates he uses to mix music for major motion pictures as well as finances.

Show Notes:

John Cuniberti’s ONEMIC series as mentioned in the monologue.



WCA #111 with Nathan Harlow

Working Class Audio Session #111 with Nathan Harlow!!!


Nathan Harlow grew up in San Francisco, played in bands and eventually found his way into the world of live sound. 20 years later, his experience touring, mixing, recording and doing system design has allowed him the opportunity to work with artists such as Prince, Rob Zombie, Sonic Youth, Bebel Gilberto, Medeski, Martin and Wood and Primus. His skills are also in demand at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California, the Warfield Theater and Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California. On top of his live sound skills doing monitors or front of house Nathan is also trained in systems management and room acoustics. He states that his intention is to use his unique set of skills to assist in the creation of beauty and inspiration with elegance and grace.

Matt heads into San Francisco to chat with Nathan in person in his studio South of Market.


WCA #110 NAMM Power Chat

Working Class Audio Session #110 NAMM Power Chat!!!


I took a trip from NORCAL to SOCAL to hit NAMM 2017. As I arrived I decided to put together a show based on “Power Chats/Talks”. 20 minute or so quick chats with friends about certain topics. Ben Lindell from Puremix, Sean McLaughlin, Andy Freeman, Gary Boss of Audio-Technica and Vance Powell joined me. Enjoy!


WCA #109 with Justin Pizzoferrato

WCA #109 with Justin Pizzoferrato

Working Class Audio Session #109 with Justin Pizzoferrato!!!


Justin Pizzoferrato is a recording engineer based out of western Massachusetts. He owns and runs Sonelab with Mark Alan Miller and also freelances from time to time.

Justin has worked with such bands as Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Speedy Ortiz, Elder, and many more in the rock genre. He got his start freelancing around Boston. After moving to western Mass, he noted the lack of studios and decided to open up his own facility. When he’s not in the studio, he’s hanging out with his wife and son, biking, or buying too many records!

Justin chats with Matt over Skype about Sonelab, recording life before kids, freelancing and work ethic.

Justin’s studio: Sonelab

WCA #108 with Chris Montgomery

WCA #108 with Chris Montgomery

Working Class Audio Session #108 with Chris Montgomery!!!


Chris Montgomery is an audio engineer and producer living and working in New York City. Having grown up in Glasgow, Scotland, he brings a musical heritage from one of the most prolific and diverse music scenes and applies this to his work in studio, live and field audio production. From live sound at The Bitter End to studio work and location sound at Dubway Studios, Chris digs in and tries it all.

Chris has worked with many notable artists including The Lumineers, Mumford And Sons, The Killers, Florence And The Machine, Ed Sheeran, Sheryl Crow and Damien Rice.

Having recently finished an 18 month period touring with multi-platinum recording artist, Rachel Platten, Chris is now focusing on a move to Los Angeles with the intention of opening a new studio. Chris talks with Matt about his decision to move from Glasgow, Half & Half, having a willingness to say yes to work and his new console.

More details can be found at www.chris-audio.com