WCA #001

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I am very happy to announce the Working Class Audio Podcast Session #001. WCA  Session #001 is an introduction to Working Class Audio with host Matt Boudreau. Get the low down on what to expect in upcoming sessions. Includes intro/outro music by our friend Cliff Truesdell and voice intro by our friend Chuck J Smith.  I have started to schedule interviews with engineers working in the freelance trenches including Laura Deanhttp://ledrecording.com/) and Hillary Johnson (http://www.hillaryjohnson.com/2014/home/). I will announce them as they are scheduled. Be sure to subscribe to stay informed about upcoming sessions. Enjoy!





One thought on “WCA #001

  1. Kern Ramsdell

    Hello Matt, I just came across your awesome podcast. As a podcaster myself (in the niche of home recording and mixing) I promised myself that I would not subscribe to any more podcasts. It is too hard to keep up and make shows twice each month, right? However, your show is exactly what I have been looking for, the money side of things! I linked on FB and I will give you a shout out too on my show. Maybe you could come on my show sometime? I’d be proud to have you on, talking about G.A.S. and the money side of things. Anyhoo, well done!

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