WCA #003 with Hillary Johnson

WCA #003 with Hilary Johnson

Working Class Audio Session #003 with Hillary Johnson!!!


Happy to  present WCA session #3 with New York recording engineer Hillary Johnson. Check Hillary’s site out at www.hillaryjohnson.com

Hillary has worked with The Prids, Bell Hollow, Michael Gira (Swans, Angels Of Light), The Secret History, Jeff Buckley, The Misfits, Jennifer Kimball, Rufus Wainwright, The Ramones, Bishop Allen, Project Jenny, Project Jan, Nile Rodgers, Vernon Reid, Stereojax, D Generation/Jesse Malin and Umbrella Brigade. She has also worked with producers such as Lenny Kaye, Henry Rollins, Genya Ravan, and Daniel Rey.

I met Hillary through the original Tape Op conference which of course is now the amazing Pot Luck Audio conference. of which we both have been panelists and as a result, friends and peers to one another.

I also talk about my new Audio Technica headphones and Pono.



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