WCA #005 with John Cuniberti

WCA #005 with John Cuniberti

Working Class Audio Session #005 with John Cuniberti!!!


John Cuniberti is based in the Bay Area.  He produces, engineers, mixes and masters records for many  artists including most notably Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar, The Dead Kennedys, and Chicken Foot. John is known for bringing the concept and name ReAmping into the main stream of recording with his ReAmp box he created and sold on his own for many years, but eventually sold the name and circuit patent to Radial Engineering. John is a veteran of the Bay Area recording world, who has spent most of his adult life in recording studios . John added mastering to his list of skills many years ago while working at The Plant in Sausalito, California and  currently mixes and masters from his home for artists all over the world . For more information on John please visit his website www.johncuniberti.com


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  1. Koenraad F.

    Such a great interview. So much information to absorb because he’s so right about a lot of things. Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Tim McEneany

    Such great wisdom!! Thanks for sharing!

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