WCA #007 with Vance Powell

WCA #007 with Vance Powell

Working Class Audio Session #007 with Vance Powell!!!


Vance Powell,  who  has worked with Jack White, Red Fang, and Buddy Guy to name just a few is featured on Session #007. Vance is outspoken and takes a no bullshit approach to not only his work but this interview.  We talk technique including specifics of his analog workflow, business,  including managers plus a bit of criticism of the old guard of the music industry.  I love talking with Vance. I always learn something new from him and am proud to call him my friend.  Enjoy!

Vance on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vancalot

Vance’s studio with engineer Mitch Dane: http://www.sputniksound.com/index.html

One thought on “WCA #007 with Vance Powell

  1. Jim

    Love the podcast, Matt. This one was especially great. Love all the money/finances talk. I run a small studio near Boston and freelance in corporate AV as well… so this stuff is right up my alley. Keep it up 😉


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