WCA #018 with David v.R. Bowles

WCA #018 with David v.R. Bowles

Working Class Audio Session #018 with David v.R. Bowles!!!


David v.R. Bowles formed Swineshead Productions, LLC as a classical recording production company in 1995. His recordings have been GRAMMY-nominated (Classical – Best Orchestral Performance) and won the “Classical Orchestral Album” prize from Just Plain Folks Awards. Other Bowles-produced and engineered releases have been named “Record of the Month – Editor’s Choice” from Gramophone Magazine, MusicWeb International and Opera News; “Record of the Year” from the New York Times (three times), the New Yorker, American Record Guide, Miami Clásica and Classical Candour. Several of these releases are available as high-resolution paid downloads from HDTracks.

In collaboration with New York University’s Music Technology programme at Steinhardt School of Music, Mr. Bowles is pursuing research in height channel recording and reproduction. At the 135th AES convention, he chaired a panel on Height Channel recording, encoding and distribution (followed by a 9.1 channel playback offsite).

As an educator, Mr. Bowles is a guest lecturer at New York University’s Stephen F. Temmer Tonmeister Seminar (Steinhardt School of Music) and at Peabody Recording Arts and Sciences (John Hopkins University). He was Visiting Professor of Recording Arts at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music.

Mr. Bowles is a member of the AES (Audio Engineering Society): he was on the Board of Governors, served on three convention committees and is co-chair of the San Francisco section of the AES as well. He is a member of NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) Producers & Engineers Wing and SPARS (Society of Professional Audio Recording Services).

David takes Matt through the complexities of recording and producing in the world of classical music.

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5 thoughts on “WCA #018 with David v.R. Bowles

  1. John T

    you could have ended the interview a bit more gracefully. fail.

    1. Matt Boudreau Post author

      Interesting John. So the whole interview is a fail because you felt it wasn’t ended in the appropriate manor? Tell us how it should be done.

  2. iain

    come on … give yourself a break. Having done audio for breakfast television shows for years, I’ve seen bad endings when up against a timeclock. This was fine!! You gently and graciously warned him, thanked him, said it was a great interview and that he was a great guy …. 😉

  3. Jason Lackie

    Great interview! Never mind the troll! It was really cool getting insight into the classical recording world as I listen to a lot of those recordings. David is obviously VERY knowledgable!

  4. Craig

    Matt this is my favorite episode! It flowed naturally. I was not distracted by the ending. Keep up the awesome work.

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