WCA #026 with John Siket

WCA #026 with John Siket

Working Class Audio Session #026 with John Siket!!!


John Siket is a producer, engineer, and mixer and is best known for his work with Sonic Youth, Phish, Yo La TengoDave Matthews Band, Blonde Redhead, Fountains of WayneMoe,  Peter Murphy, Freedy Johnston, and Ex Cops. Having spent 30 years in the recording world, John has amassed  a world of experience. John has also has been fortunate to work alongside producer/engineers Steve Lily White and Butch Vig.  John takes the time to talk  with Matt about these experiences as well as his love for recording, starting out as the low man on the totem pole and his decision to take on a teaching position at SAE in New York.

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  1. ann delane

    Some of my favorite bands are serendipitously engineered by John Siket. I just listened to this interview. Cheers John

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