WCA #030 with Bruce Kaphan

WCA #030 with Bruce Kaphan

Working Class Audio Session #030 with Bruce Kaphan!!!


Bruce Kaphan is a producer/engineer/mixer and one hell of pedal steel player! Bruce has worked with so many names in the music world on both sides of the glass including John Lee Hooker, Sheryl Crowe, Jellyfish as well as American Music Club of which he is a former member of. Bruce sits down with Matt at his home studio in Fresno (Niles), California to discuss all aspects of the recording world including health, life, gear, retirement and even brain functionality! We go deep on this one. We also announce a change to the show!



2 thoughts on “WCA #030 with Bruce Kaphan

  1. Mark Eitzel

    Such a great musician. Such a great artist. So proud that I have / and will continue to work with this man.

  2. Bruce Tambling

    Awesome interview! I would LOVE to have the ‘Bruce Kaphan Boxed Set’ featuring 12 hours of lecture/interviews chats.

    Thanks Bruce and Matt!

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