WCA #052 with Robert Preston

WCA #052 with Robert Preston

Working Class Audio Session #052  with Robert Preston!!!


After 10 years working as a sales rep for a pro audio and recording equipment distributer, Robert Preston  made the plunge into recording full-time by opening a recording studio (GetReel) and locating it inside a rehearsal facility (Secret Studios) surrounded by bands! As one would imagine  Robert gets a lot of business directly from the many bands rehearsing in the building, since it’s  easy for them to take their gear down the hall to GetReel. After 10 years in the first incarnation of the studio then 13 years in the “new” studio, Robert continues a steady stream of work.  As Robert says, “I still love working with and recording bands and singer-songwriters and helping them with their projects and visions of their music. I come at the recording process from a player’s perspective. I’ve built the studio with the players in mind, and I think it shows.”

Matt and Robert dissect Robert’s recording situation and talk gear, money, location and the pros and cons of growing.

One thought on “WCA #052 with Robert Preston

  1. Evie

    Great interview–interesting, informative, unique slant on a small business–real people with a real “product’ examining the inner workings and bottom line of a creative sales/service venue catering to a narrow slice of the music world–little-known but often up and coming Bay Area bands. The conversational give and take mined the varied facets of the one man shop and what it takes to succeed.
    Special one on one with a respectful and intelligently curious interviewer eliciting the
    small successes and large satisfaction of building to one’s personal best for self and clients. Interviewer elicited a usable formula on what it takes to succeed. A very positive take on the American Dream.

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