WCA #055 with Ben Bernstein

Working Class Audio Session #055 with Ben Bernstein!!!


Producer/Engineer Ben Bernstein has worked extensively as a music producer and recording engineer. In recent years Ben has been working in game audio as a sound designer & project manager. He has also mixed several documentary films, online ads, and interactive in-app ads. Working with  Disney Mobile, Pyramind Sound, KFOG , Microsoft as well as numerous Bay Area bands, Ben keeps his audio world diversified. Ben is also an incredible in-demand live and session bass player who has taught at the famous Blue Bear School of Music.  Matt joins Ben at his home studio (Petting Zoo) for a chat that took place on New Years eve.

This episode also available in Working Class Audio video edition!

One thought on “WCA #055 with Ben Bernstein

  1. Jon Meyer

    I can’t believe I’m just now learning of this podcast. What a great resource! I’ve been a working class audio guy in Dallas for the last 15 years. I’ve often felt like I’m on my own in this business, so it’s nice to hear stories from other folks that are making it happen day in and day out.
    Ben made the comment that he likes to “spread his net wide” by placing his resume on various audio sites. Any idea what sites he’s talking about? I’d like to know for myself, but one of my working class audio jobs is teaching music production at a local trade school. This info would be very helpful to my students. Thanks!

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