WCA #103 with Pat Patten

WCA #103 with Pat Patten

Working Class Audio Session #103 with Pat Patten!!!


Pat Patten came to be on Working Class Audio through a set of random circumstances. At our 100th show we chose his name at random to win a set of Audio-Technica  headphones. After talking Pat on the phone I realized he would make a great guest for the WCA podcast. He sent me his resume which is filled with a wide variety of jobs and experience including President of Commercial Sight & Sound, Inc., CEO of Kinekom, Inc., Studio Manager and Talent Buyer, Senior Record Producer and Festival Promoter, and now Mastering Engineer | Music Mentor-Manager and Music Educator at CEC (Central Education Center), Charter College & Career Academy. AT 60 years young Pat  continues the journey in the small town of La Grange, Georgia. We discuss relationship building, his students, and family. Check out http://www.jamgood.com/live/

Mentioned in the interview for those in California is the post production tax incentive.



3 thoughts on “WCA #103 with Pat Patten

  1. Justin Belew

    Pat is the real deal. Thanks for having him on.

  2. rEs

    not that I’m producing your podcast or anything, but please check the title/tagging on your mp3. thanks

    1. Matt Post author

      rEs can you be more specific on the title /tagging on the mp3’s. -Matt

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