WCA #164 with Steve Albini

WCA #164 with Steve Albini

Working Class Audio #164 with Steve Albini!!!

Steve Albini needs no introduction really. Musician, engineer and studio owner known for his work with Nirvana, Page and Plant, PJ, Harvey as well as thousands of other bands. Yes, thousands. Steve is well known for his long term practice of sticking to analog recording methods and his dedication to the bands he records with regards to respecting the band dynamic. He also has played in the bands Big Black, Rapeman as well as his current band Shellac. Steve is  part of a program called  the Letters to Santa Program of Chicago with his wife Heather Whinna and Jeff Tweddy of WIlco known for it’s work raising money for poverty stricken individuals and families in the Chicago area.

About this Interview:

Steve Albini joins me to chat about fascist haircuts, analog longevity, the strengths and weaknesses of digital recording, structuring your studio business for the longterm, reusing analog tape, surviving 20 years running Electrical Audio, The Letters to Santa program, poverty and the cycle of money. Enjoy! –Matt

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