WCA Audio-Technica Mic Samples


Audio-Technica Mic Samples April 2016

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I met up with Nino from Bird and Egg studios again to record some microphone samples for you. This time we tried 3 different large diaphragm mics in three different price points. The AT2035 ($149.00 at Amazon) , AT4047 ($699.00 at Amazon) and the AT5040 ($2999.00 at Amazon).

We recorded at 24bit/48Khz. No compression and no eq. All through Neve 1272 mic preamps.  Download the raw files and check them out.


 Audio-Technica 40 Series Mic Samples.

WCA Audio-Technica Mic Samples

Nino from Bird and Egg studios and I  recorded various instruments (drums, acoustic guitar, vocal and electric guitar) so we could give people a chance to hear some of the mics Audio-Technica offers.

All of the recordings are recorded straight through the Universal Audio 6176 channel strips into ProTools HD and recorded at 24-bit 48 kHz. No compression or equalization was used in any manner. All of the samples were volume matched inside Presonus Studio One ver. 3. If you encounter any technical issues downloading let me know with an email . matt at workingclassaudio.com


Each group is zipped up and includes a READ ME pdf to explain what’s there. All of the files are 24 bit 48 Khz.

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