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WCA Recommends is a list of products and services meant to aid you in your workflow, your business and your continuing development as an audio professional . In some cases, WCA receives a commission for referring you which directly helps support the site. In some cases I have arranged a deal to get you a discount via a special code, use it and save some money!! -Matt


Backing up!!!

Just don’t fuck around with your clients material. Backup! I use these guys and have been really happy.



Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

I talk about these headphones all of the time. I find the mid range to be revealing and the bottom end to be accurate and not overblown.  Amazon is selling them for under $80 so you can’t beat that price for the quality you get. Grab a pair or two and enjoy!




Want a glimpse into the nutty world of record labels and how they treat artists? Check this out.


Saving for retirement with Betterment.com


I’m not a financial guru by any stretch but I I know recording folks are not the best savers so here’s a tool I use to save for that day I hope will stay far off in the distance known as retirement. Betterment is part of this new thing called “robo investing” Low fees, few humans to goof things up and an app that let’s you stay up on where you are with this mythical beast commonly known as retirement savings. Check it out. I dig it. Use the link here and you’ll get 6 months free in addition to the 30 day free trial!




I use this service to keep track of all of my accounts. It’s free. Yes there some annoying ads and clickable items designed to get you to buy into services , but it’s really a great service itself. It will remind you when bills are due, when you have bounced a check, overdrawn your account, or have unusual spending on an account. It helped me get my shit together and hopefully can help you as well.




Taking credit cards used to be expensive and a pain in the ass! Square came along and changed all of that. If you are not accepting credit cards from your clients and want to, then use this code https://squareup.com/i/69E810A0 to get $1000 in free processing once you sign up.

Mr. Money Mustache


I love this guys blog. He talks about everything from saving money on cell phone plans, buying cars, early retirement, quality of life etc.. His tag line says it all “Financial Freedom through Bad Assity”.

Dave Ramsey


Dave Ramsey gives financial advice in a no nonsense way. When I was having a hard time financially after the close of my studio I found his advice to be spot on. I still listen to his podcast. I think Dave has got great advice.

Audio Software



I’ve been very vocal about my enthusiasm for this software.  It has really helped my mixing setup improve. My mixes translate sooo much better as a result. Unless you have spent thousands of Dollars/Euros/Yen etc… on treating your room, you need to at least borrow or buy  a measurement mic and try this software out.

Web Hosting

Blue Host

We host WCA with these folks. I find them affordable and easy to get on the phone when and if the shit hits the fan.


Cell Phone Service US

Republic Wireless





These guys offer low cost cell service in the US. Half what T-Mobile or Verizon costs.



Warren Huart is one the those guys working in the trenches . He’s also a guy that loves to teach people and demystify the world of recording. HIs Produce LIke a Pro series is fantastic. I encourage you to do two things,

1. Subscribe to his Youtube channel and……

2. Subscribe to his exclusive video channel.




Weathervane Music – Become a Member, WCA listeners get 10% off !


A world-wide community of people who learn about, make and support independent music together.

  • LEARN – Download and remix high-end audio from professionally recorded Shaking Through sessions. Improve your skills and build out your own mix portfolio from the growing catalog of tracks.
  • CONNECT – Share your mixes back with the community. Get feedback on your work. Engage in creative discussions with a friendly, supportive community of people from around the world.
  • SUPPORT – Support Weathervane and it’s growing list of projects and activites that strengthen independent music community.


Audio-Technica Installed Sound Support APP

at app









These handy, user-friendly tools allow technicians and musicians to move more quickly and confidently through setup and testing and get on to what’s important—a great sounding performance. Download Audio-Technica’s free Installed Sound Support App today and see how it can help you. Download the app today by visiting the Apple store from your iOS device for a nice selection of tools including the following:

  1. Application Guide (for A-T pro microphones): find the right A-T mic for the job,       categorized by instrument.
  2. Wavelength Calculator: Input frequency to determine wavelength.
  3. Needed Gain Calculator: Input distances to find necessary gain in dB.
  4. 3:1 Mic Placement Calculator: Calculate the distance between two mics and between mic and source.
  5. RTA & SPL Meter: Monitor your sound pressure level in real time.
  6. Frequency Finder (for A-T wireless products): Select a system, input your zip code and find the available frequencies.
  7. Record and Playback: Record, save and play up to three test recordings.


8 thoughts on “WCA Recommends

  1. Daniel Cantor

    You are awesome! Loving the podcasts. Matt, whats the room correction software deal for those who sign up? 🙂 thanks buddy!

  2. James Hoover

    love the show. who did you recommend for gear insurance?

    1. Matt Boudreau Post author

      Joe Montarello http://www.spars.com/products/insurance/

  3. Nigel Thompson

    Hi Matt
    I just wanted to say thanks so much for being you….
    I was passed your site details by Ian Shepherd a mastering engineer over here in London.
    I am totally hooked and love your attitude and gusts you have on.
    Please keep up the extremely good work. It is very much appreciated.

    1. Matt Boudreau Post author

      Thanks Nigel! Doing the show is enjoyable to me and people seem to really get something out of it. I’ll keep doing it for as long as I enjoy it!

  4. Garion

    Hello Matt! I really enjoy your show! I’m a little behind unfortunately (only on #17) but it’s great so far! I am a producer and engineer in SLC, and I have two AMAZINGLY guys that I know, who you should talk to in the show. How do I refer them?

    1. Matt Boudreau Post author

      Contact me on via the Facebook page. Thanks!

  5. Morris Manning

    Greetings from the white mountains of New Hampshire ! Great show, entertaining and informative.

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