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HOST – Matt Boudreau

Matt Boudreau has been involved in audio and music professionally since 1987. He started out playing drums in the bands The Sextants (Imago) & Seven Day Diary (Reprise/Warner Bros.) in the days of six-figure record deals. In 1994 he transitioned to the other side of the glass as an engineer & producer. His journey has taken him through studio ownership, numerous records, marriage, kids, failures, and victories. He currently mixes and masters out of his home tracks at his favorite studios and has sworn off studio ownership until he loses his mind again. He is also the creator and host of WCA.

THEME MUSIC – Cliff Truesdell

Cliff Truesdell is a rake and a scoundrel. His hobbies include songwriting, vegan taxidermy and sticking it to the man plus he makes Rock n Roll music in Portland, OR

VOICE – Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith is a 38-year veteran Radio Personality-VoiceOver Talent, having spent time on the air in Tampa, Nashville, St. Louis and 16 years in San Francisco and voicing regional/national products and sports teams. While semi-retired in Phoenix he still Still in the game, but off the grid. 

voices/produces at

EDITING – Anne-Marie Pleau

Anne-Marie Pleau is an audio engineer and sound designer based out of Berkeley, CA. In addition to editing the Working Class Audio podcast, Anne-Marie has been an engineer for East Bay Recorders since the summer of 2016. There, she has worked with a wide variety of artists including Old Firm Casuals, Charger, illexotic, Gang of Theives, Stomper 98, Matt Gage, The Damn Liars, John Lester, Karney, and Ghost Town Rebellion. In 2017 she interned at Outland Studio, performing engineering and postproduction services for artists such as Fine Points, Battlehooch, and Megan Rose Wilder. Anne-Marie is also a theatrical sound designer, providing sound design for Chabot College’s theater productions since the spring of 2018, and is a freelance live sound engineer.