WCA #096 with J.J. Blair

WCA 096 with J.J. Blair

Working Class Audio Session #096 with J.J. Blair!!!


J.J. Blair is a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who hails from Chicago, and moved to Los Angeles in 1990 to get into the music business. He has worked on albums with some legendary artists. Of note, in 1999, he produced, engineered and mixed June Carter Cash’s Grammy winning album, Press On. He also engineered on Rod Stewart’s Great American Songbook albums, volumes 1 through 3; the latter of which won a Grammy, and hit #1 on the Billboard album charts. Other artists J.J. has worked with include Black Eyed Peas, Weezer, P. Diddy, Ryan Adams, Jason Falkner, David Cassidy, Stephen Bishop ,Vonda Sheppard, Johnny Cash, George Benson, Unwriten Law, Kelly Clarkson, Melissa Etheridge, Smokey Robinson, and many more.

J.J. was kind enough to host Matt at his house during AES. While staying there, Matt was able to convince J.J. to sit down for an interview in his living room.

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One thought on “WCA #096 with J.J. Blair

  1. james tuttle

    Yet another great interview. I’m a huge fan of the podcast and have been since episode #3. As someone who has made their living in audio for 40 years I truly appreciate your well rounded approach and your real world questions for real world guests. Not just a few elite engineers. I have spent my career working in smaller locales for my and my families sake and your balance of work and home ethics resonates deeply with me. Thanks again for all your efforts.
    James Tuttle

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