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WCA #438 with Orlando Torres – Discovering His Uncles Walkman, Multi Tracking with Cassettes, Recording at Mom’s House, Putting Yourself Out There, and Enjoying Family

My guest is engineer Orlando Torres based in Los Angeles. Orlando has worked with Abraham Laboriel, Joey DeFrancesco, Alex Acuña, Lee Rocker, and Kobe Bryant, to name a few. 

In this episode, we discuss

  • Born in Mexico
  • Mexican and US Culture
  • Discovering the Walkman
  • Late Night Edgy Television
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Multi Tracking with Cassettes
  • Construction
  • Audio School
  • Recording at Mom’s House
  • Learning the Techincal Ropes
  • Figuring It Out
  • Ditching an Office Job
  • Love and Laughter Studios
  • Mentors
  • Diversification
  • Playback Gigs
  • Enjoying Family
  • Permanent Job Considerations
  • Introverts and Extroverts
  • Coffee the Great Connector
  • Helping Others
  • Putting Yourself Out There
  • Finances
  • Working from Home
  • Local Work

Matt’s Rant: Don’t Be Afraid to Fail!

Links and Show Notes


  • Guest: Orlando Torres
  • Host: Matt Boudreau
  • Engineer: Matt Boudreau
  • Producer: Matt Boudreau
  • Editing: Anne-Marie Pleau 
  • WCA Theme Music: Cliff Truesdell 
  • Announcer: Chuck Smith