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WCA #436 with NAMM 2023 – Garth Richardson, Grace Design, Audiomovers, AEA, Antelope Audio, and Soundflow

All of the guests for this episode were recorded on my recent trip to NAMM 2023. They include Producer/Engineer Garth Richardson, Igor Maxymenko from Audiomovers, Julie Tan from AEA, Momchil Shishkov (Momo) and Nick Georgiev from Antelope Audio, and Christian Scheuer from Soundflow.

In this episode, we discuss

  • Garth Richardson
    • Talking Grace M908
    • Garth’s Real Reverb
  • Igor Maxymenko from Audiomovers
    • Omnibus
    • Transmitter
    • Inject
  • Julie Tan from AEA
    • Buying AEA
    • TRP3
    • RPQ3
  • Momchil Shishkov (Momo) and Nick Georgiev from Antelope Audio
    • ATLAS I8 Speakers 
    • Orion Interface
  • Christian Scheuer from Soundflow
    • Bounce Factory
    • Stream Deck
    • Izotope RX Workflows
    • Eucon Integration

Matt’s Rant: Talking ATMOS

Links and Show Notes


  • Guest: NAMM 2023
  • Host: Matt Boudreau
  • Engineer: Matt Boudreau
  • Producer: Matt Boudreau
  • Editing: Anne-Marie Pleau 
  • WCA Theme Music: Cliff Truesdell 
  • Announcer: Chuck Smith