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WCA #485 with Andy Nelson – Recording Friends, Financial Realities, Wedding Invitations, Getting Serious About Audio, and Postal Jobs

My guest today is Producer/Engineer/Mixer Andy Nelson. Andy has worked on projects for Pain of Truth, 200 Stab Wounds, Fireworks, Primitive Man, Never Ending Game, Full of Hell, Dead in the Dirt, Gridiron, Harms Way, Weekend Nachos, and Inclination. 

Andy is also the guitarist of Weekend Nachos, Singer/Guitarist of Dust Muscle, and bassist of Like Rats, a self-described art education dropout and a former synthesizer tech.

In this episode, we discuss

  • Early Days
  • Middle-Class Western Household
  • School band 
  • Columbia College
  • Getting Serious About Audio
  • Recording Friends
  • Pricing 
  • Music Industry’s Challenges
  • Financial Realities 
  • Postal Workers
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Partnership with Pete Grossman
  • Chasing Other Sounds
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Navigating Financial Waters
  • Future Plans 
  • Financial Tips

Matt’s Rant: Pricing

Links and Show Notes


  • Guest: Andy Nelson
  • Host: Matt Boudreau
  • Engineer: Matt Boudreau
  • Producer: Matt Boudreau
  • Editing: Anne-Marie Pleau 
  • WCA Theme Music: Cliff Truesdell 
  • Announcer: Chuck Smith