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WCA #469 with Ryan Ulyate – Doing a Solo Record, Taking on a Different Role, Planning for ATMOS, The Tom Petty Catalog, and The Imaginary Glass Window

My guest is the return of Grammy Nominated producer/engineer Ryan Ulyate, who has worked with Tom Petty, George Harrison, Traveling Wilburys, Mick Fleetwood & Friends, and ELO. Ryan has jumped through the “Imaginary Glass Window” to create a solo record, which we discuss in this episode. 

In this episode, we discuss

  • The Tom Petty Catalog 
  • Making a Solo Record
  • Planning for ATMOS
  • Taking on a Different Role
  • The Imaginary Glass Window
  • Difficulty in Writing Lyrics
  • California Song
  • Putting Things Together
  • Mastering with Romanowski
  • The ATMOS Mercedes
  • 1973 Instrumentation
  • Recording Steve Ferrone
  • Getting Nominated for a Grammy
  • ATMOS Downloads
  • Lessons for Audio Pros Who Write
  • Blu-Ray
  • The Japanese Market
  • Being Aware of Audio Trends
  • Creature of Habit

Matt’s Rant: Staying Calm, Staying Humble

Links and Show Notes


  • Guest: Ryan Ulyate
  • Host: Matt Boudreau
  • Engineer: Matt Boudreau
  • Producer: Matt Boudreau
  • Editing: Anne-Marie Pleau 
  • WCA Theme Music: Cliff Truesdell 
  • Announcer: Chuck Smith