WCA #009 with Andrew Scheps

Working Class Audio Interview with Andrew Scheps!!!

Working Class Audio Session #009 with Andrew Scheps!!!


Andrew Scheps has worked with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Metallica, Grace Potter, Jay-Z, U2, Justin Timberlake and Green Day…just to name a few.  Just home from a European trip that included a week in France conducting a seminar at  Mix with the Masters, Andrew shares his views on recording studio etiquette, his in the box workflow when mixing, his adventures as a record label owner  and his career advice. Enjoy!

-Matt Boudreau  1/15/2015

Photo by: David Goggin

Links from the show:

McDonough Management http://www.mcdman.com/scheps.html

Tonequake Records http://tonequake.com/

Andrew’s Studio http://punkerpad.com/

Mix with the Masters http://mixwiththemasters.com/


3 thoughts on “WCA #009 with Andrew Scheps

  1. Brian Stephens

    Amazing interview! Thank you for getting around to almost every question I would’ve wanted to ask Andrew myself. Keep up the great work. Real, working, living breathing audio engineers need information and perspective like what Andrew dishes out here. We’re tired of fluff, fantasy, and hype!

  2. Jonathan McMillan

    This was awesome. Keep talking to my assistants about the interview.

  3. Kris


    Brilliant interview with Mr. Scheps, very well done! What I’d really like to know though is Scheps’ trick that is based around his parallel compression technique about his SEND/RETURN levels because he did say he might send multiple channels to the same PARALLEL BUS. Now, doing that things can get loud pretty quickly so does he drop the LEVELS by -6db for say before he sends it to the chain or what exactly is the deal? I’d really like if you could ask him that…



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