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Working Class Audio #213 with Ken Riley!!!

Ken Riley’s career started in 1980 at 3D Studio’s in Costa Mesa with Doug Doyle. Recording such names as The Altor Boys, Crumbacher, Daniel Amos and The Life Savors. Then creating the group Common Bond where he was lead vocalist, and the bass player. Common Bond toured and had 3 albums on Front Line Records. Then moving his career along to New York at Electric Lady Studios where he worked with the best in the industry. Bringing it to today where he is in his own well established Rio Grande Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico recording.

8 ½ years as traveling musician and recording artist, producing two gold records.
10 years as engineer and musician in Los Angeles, 
8 ½ years as engineer in New York City at: Electric Ladyland Studios. 
Unique Studios.
10 years of operating  a studio in New Mexico.

About this Interview:

Ken joins me to talk about his history, his hunt for the New Mexico sound, the importance of artists knowing who they are, his partnership with Drew Newman and the beauty of New Mexico and it’s people.

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