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Working Class Audio #210 with David Streit

Working Class Audio #210 with David Streit!!!

David Streit is a producer, mixer, recording engineer, and live sound engineer based in Portland, Oregon. He has been working with sound for over 30 years.
David began his audio career working in clubs and venues in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. He loved seeing bands play live, and became an avid concertgoer. These experiences proved to be very useful when he decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee and become a recording engineer. David developed his recording skills assisting and learning from the engineers who came before him as he rose up through the studio system in Nashville. Eventually, he became an engineer and producer himself and has been a freelance audio engineer in Connecticut and Santa Cruz, California.
Now, David is happy to call the Pacific Northwest his home, and is excited to be a part of the amazing vibrant music scene in Portland. David has a bachelor’s degree in recording from Middle Tennessee State University, and learned about mic’ing classical ensembles as an intern at The Aspen Music Festival. He was a staff assistant at Quad Studios in Nashville, has taught a college course in multi-track recording and mixing, and has done location sound for video shoots. He has a passion for music and sound, and feels lucky to have been in the room for so many magic moments.

About this Interview:

David joins me to talk about Portland vs. Nashville, why musicians choose to hire engineers, prepping for live recordings, security, mortality and legacy. Enjoy! – Matt

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