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Working Class Audio #206 with Music Expo SF

WCA #206 with Music Expo SF

Hosted in association with Sound On Sound Magazine, Music Expo is a series of annual events full of workshops, lectures, studio sessions, discussions, and product demos bringing 3,000 musicians, engineers, technophiles, and tastemakers together. The event was the idea of Loïc Maestracci who does an amazing job bringing people together. WCA #206 is just one of many panels that takes place at Music Expo as well as many lectures and workshops. 

About this Interview:

I was headed out the door to appear on a panel for Music Expo SF when I saw a notification on Twitter from Matt Carnes of Colorado Recording. Matt asked if I would be recording the panel. To be honest it never occurred to me until I read Matt’s tweet. As a result I was able to capture my conversation with Karrie Keys, Piper Payne, Brian Gibbs and Frank Socorro for a panel called “Survival of the Fittest – How to Really Make A Living In Audio”. Enjoy! – Matt

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