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Working Class Audio with James Ivey

Working Class Audio #168 with James Ivey!!!

James Ivey is not only the Technical Editor for Pro Tools he’s also a producer, engineer, drummer and Dad. Pro Tools Expert is one of the most popular and highly regarded hi-tech audio blogs on the Internet. In his role, James reviews some of the latest equipment which means quickly learning how to get the best out of it then taking part in their weekly podcast which is regularly listened to by over 27,000 people around the world. From London Guildhall University, to working on pop videos, selling Pro Audio gear to the likes of Pete Townsend, to full time gigging drummer, James eventually found himself working for Avid via Sibelius .  While working for Avid at a trade show, James met Russ Hughs of Production Expert . That meeting lead James to his current position at Pro Tools Expert and to freelancing as an audio professional for the last 8 years.

About this Interview:

James joins me for a chat about Pro Tools Expert,  kids, building a studio in his London backyard, GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), new gear vs. vintage gear, working for Avid, networking, freelancing and not having voice mail.

-Enjoy Matt

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