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Working Class Audio #183 with Craig Bowen!!!

Craig Bowen has been recording bands for over 20 years and is currently the owner/ operator of Tempo House recording studio in Baltimore City. He recorded records by Lungfish, Quixotic, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Ecstatic Sunshine, Jason Urick, Oxes, Thank You, Growing, Smoke Bellow, Zomes, Dan Deacon, Animal Collectiveand many more. He was in the band INK(Monitor Records) and currently performs instrumental guitar + drum machine music.

After years of working in a wide range of studios and ad-hoc recording environments, he designed and built a studio with a balance of efficiency and flexibility Inspired by, among other things, the John Peel radio show, Tempo House was created to provide an professional, relaxed recording atmosphere accessible to artists regardless of their popularity or esthetics.

About this Interview:

Craig joins me to talk about mentoring  kids in inner city Baltimore, the fire that displaced his last studio, the beauty of his his espresso maker and the challenges that come with recording. Enjoy! – Matt

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