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WCA #246 with Eric Fredricey – Running with the clock in the world of broadcast audio

Eric Fredricey started with hand me down cassette decks and mixers, progressed to a broadcast internship in Junior High, worked at a tv station right out of high school and is now chief engineer at KCSB-FM college radio in his hometown. 

In this episode we discuss,

  • The World of Broadcast.
  • Running with the clock.
  • Getting yelled at.
  • Tailoring your resume.
  • Negotiating your salary
  • Getting into broadcast.
  • FCC Regulations.
  • A million acronyms. 

Links and Show Notes:


  • Host: Matt Boudreau 
  • Guest: Eric Fredricey
  • WCA Theme Music: Cliff Truesdell 
  • Announcer: Chuck Smith
  • Editing: Anne-Marie Pleau & Matt Boudreau
  • Additional Music: The License Lab