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Working Class Audio Session #075 with Mitch Dane!!!


Nashville producer Mitch Dane has managed to cross the lines into almost every genre In his 20+ years of production/engineering experience. Though most of his work can be heard on Rock, Roots/Rock and Singer/Songwriter records, Mitch continues to work fearlessly in other styles like Bluegrass/Americana. In his own words: “I like to collect the best aspects of every genre of music and bring them together in hybrid productions.” His desire to grow and to learn is constant, making every project he touches relevant and refreshing.  This personal philosophy has worked well, considering Mitch’s fingerprints mark over 200 records, four of which are Grammy nominees.

        •        Grammy award for his engineering.
        •        ASCAP award for his songwriting.
        •        Over 25 years of production/engineering experience.
        •        Owns a full production/recording studio in Berry Hill called Sputnik Sound with his partner, Vance Powell.
Matt and Mitch talk about how an early childhood accident would set the tone and approach for his future career , raw natural tracks vs overly manicured ones and Mitch’s advice on studio ownership. Enjoy.