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WCA #039 with John Greenham

John Greenham has had a love affair with mastering for over 20 years, starting in San Francisco at Rocket Lab in the mid-90s, and currently in Los Angeles where he re-located to in 2012 to work at Infrasonic Sound in Echo Park alongside Pete Lyman and Jeffrey Ehrenberg. John has earned several awards over the course of his career including Los Tigres Del NorteHistorias Que Contar – Grammy Winner 2006 (Mastering), Detalles Y Emociones – Grammy Winner 2007 (Mastering), Tu Noche Con…Los Tigres Del Norte – Grammy Winner 2009 (Mastering) Omar SosaCeremony – Echo Jazz Award Big Band Album of the Year 2011 (Mixing, Mastering)

John’s nominations include Sistema BombElectro-Jarocho – Nominated for a Latin Grammy 2013 (Mastering), Los CojolitesSembrando Flores – Nominated for a Latin Grammy 2013 (Mixing, Mastering), Omar SosaCalma – Nominated for a Latin Grammy 2011 (Mixing, Mastering), Pamela RodriguezPeru Blue – Nominated for Best New Artist, Latin Grammys 2006 (Mixing, Mastering)

John and Matt have been friends for several years and turn one of their recent calls into an interview to discuss mastering, mixing, working in a facility vs. being a freelancer as well as the anticipation of waiting for a client’s approval of a master or mix. Enjoy.

Photo by Kyle Davis