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SM7BThe Working Class Audio Podcast is coming together!  I was needing music for the intro and outro and had to look no further than my friend Cliff Truesdell. Cliff is a fantastic guitar player/producer/engineer and author of “Mastering Digital Audio Production: The Professional Music Workflow with Mac OS X” as well as “Introducing Reason 4” . Cliff sent me some music along with the following license agreement. Pay close attention music law students!

At some point this may become a complete song on a record with ASCAP publishing and all that.  So, for your legal purposes:

“I hereby grant Matt Boudreau all rights to use of the song “Bruises” for his podcast “Working Class Audio” from now until the end of the known universe without any expectation of financial renumeration. However, should I find myself in the Bay Area in near or distant future I would be amenable to payment of not more than one (1) burrito at the taqueria of my choosing. I would also expect that Mr. Boudreau pay for chips and if indicated on the menu as requiring further financial compensation, salsa.  I will not, however, require a beverage.

-Cliff Truesdell Portland, OR 9/4/2014

Now that was a deal I think I got the better end of. Thanks Cliff. Be sure to also check out Cliff’s band Black Furies on iTunes.

Now with regards to the recording of the podcast I have to sing the praises of the mighty Shure SM7B. I gotta say this mic really is one I would never sell. It does me justice every time. Many people don’t like the sound of their own voice but with the SM7 I loving it. Here’s a link to Amazon for the SM7 if you need one. Full disclosure, WCA get’s a cut of the sale from Amazon if you buy one which is good since it helps pay for the hosting! I will of course post when the podcast is ready. Stay tuned!