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WCA #153 with Katie Tavini

Working Class Audio #153 with Katie Tavini!!!

Katie Tavini began working as a producer and engineer before a piece of advice changed everything for her. “I was looking to improve my mixes,” she recalls. “Someone told me that if I wanted to do that I should learn to master. Whether it was good advice or not I took it. I loved what I discovered and never looked back.”

With a fine balance of curiosity and experience, Tavini is now a mastering engineer with a rich and diverse client-list far bigger than any sound or scene.

“I like things with a lot of influences,” she adds. “I like not being able to place a piece of music immediately and I love working with bands and artists who push their boundaries. I’ve found that a willingness to try and explore something new has often led to amazing results for my clients.”

Katie is a mastering engineer who encourages, refines, expands and finishes. She loves to amplify the emotion and energy of an artist while bringing clarity and consistency to their art. People do not hear her best work, they feel it.

“Most people don’t think about how music moves them,” admits Tavini. “They are just moved. My job is to bring all the hard work of artists, producers and engineers together and create a platform for songs to shine. It’s the perfect job for me.”

About this Interview:

WCA #153 features UK Mastering engineer Katie Tavini ( ). Katie recently wrote a what I think is a great opinion piece for Audio Media International ( about supporting your fellow engineers, your peers etc.. Instead of casting judgement over the gear they use and instead judge them based on the work they do. After reading that article I had a look at Katie’s website sent an email and invited her on the show. We chatted a couple of days ago about mastering of course, clients, money, health and marketing. Enjoy! -Matt

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