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WCA #198 with Fela Davis

WCA #198 with Fela Davis

Fela Davis is a graduate of Full Sail University and has over 17 years of experience in audio engineering. Her past experiences include working for industry powerhouses Clair Broadcast and House of Blues. Fela is currently the front-of-house engineer for Christian McBride. Fela co-founded 23 DB Productions with Denis Orynbekov. The company does a variety of work including mastering, recording &mixing as well as video content.  23dB has been a gateway for Fela to begin producing, shooting, and editing for endorsement and product videos for social media (Focusrite, Lewitt Microphones, and Big Joe Stomp Box). Using the videos to teach the audio community about new products and hone her skills at video production. 23dB eventually created their own video series called The Art of Music Tech. The series featured audio giants Leslie Ann Jones (Head of Skywalker Audio) and Jeff Bova (Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock). Each featured guest talked about their career in audio and the audio gear used on their biggest hits! They have since made The Art of Music Tech video series into a weekly podcast that Fela and Denis host together. When Fela is not creating content for 23dB Productions or working with SoundGirls, she’s traveling the world mixing front of the house for Christian McBride.

About this Interview:

Fela chats with me about her 8th-grade career test that said audio engineering was a possibility, her time at Full Sail, folding airbags for Honda Accord’s, paying her dues, driving long distances for low-paying audio gigs, and her willingness to never give up.  Enjoy! – Matt

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