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Working Class Audio with Andrew Oswald

Working Class Audio Session #134 with Andrew Oswald!!!

Andrew Oswald is a recording engineer who is based out of Oakland, CA who makes records almost everyday. He  co-owns and operates Secret Bathroom, a recording studio in West Oakland, where he also does a monthly live in studio podcast called Live From Secret Bathroom, that features new and upcoming bands. Andrew started recording bands in high school while growing up in San Diego where he also took a series of Pro Tools certification classes. Eventually he made his way to the Bay Area to go to recording school even though he already accumulated a few years of experience . While in recording school he continued to record bands and become affiliated with local recording vets Eli Crews (WCA #044) and Jonah Strauss (WCA #016)  who gave him keys and access to their studios . Andrew found early success with his recordings of the band Ash Borer which were both praised by Pitchfork .  After graduating Andrew  and his studio partner Max Senna opened Secret Bathroom and have been making records in that space for the last 6 years. YOu can read more on Andrew at: and


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