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WCA #196 with Adam Rossi


Working Class Audio #196 with Adam Rossi!!!

Adam Rossi is a music and sound producer working in San Francisco. Past projects include music production for local Bay Area artists Jeffrey Halford and The Healers, Morsifire, Brad Brooks, The Welcome Matt and Luce; music scores for VR games War Hammer: Betrayal at Calth and Bounce (Steel Wool Studios), and sound design, music and voice over for award winning toys by KID Group.
Adam’s work in the VR world has led to music, sound design and voice over work on immersive projects for the films Ready Player One and Jigsaw, Mercedes-Benz, Visa, SAP, Lexus, Sprint, LG, Kaiser, Carnival and many others.
When he’s not locked in the studio, Adam can be found playing keyboards with local Bay Area artists and jumping on the occasional tour to Europe with Jeffrey Halford and the Healers.

About this Interview:

Adam joins me to talk about his journey that started with  an 8th grade run-in with Eric Valentine to his mom’s garage to crappy midi composing jobs to making records with Tom Luce and much, much more!. Enjoy! – Matt

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