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Working Class Audio with Jonah Strauss

WCA #016 with Jonah Strauss

This is a WCA Special Report. I know this is mid-week and we will still have our Monday scheduled podcast. I thought this story needed some attention. Early on March 21st, a fire struck the warehouse that has been home to Jonah Strauss’ Shipwreck Studios since 2008. The fire began in the unit directly above the studio. In less than an hour, it claimed two lives and displaced dozens of people, as well as several independent printing presses and artists. Jonah’s recording studio and home suffered severe water damage, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars in losses. Much of it is rare and irreplaceable vintage equipment that he has collected and refurbished over the years. Even though I don’t normally talk with studio owners on the show I felt it was important to have Jonah on to share his experience so that others could hopefully learn from this.  He needs our help to get back up and running. Working Class Audio is here to offer him our support.

Fund Raising Site:

Shipwreck Studio Website: