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WCA #189 with Lee Bothwick


Working Class Audio #189 with Lee Bothwick!!!

Lee Bothwick is an audio engineer, producer and musician based in Oakland, CA . A graduate of Ex’pression College, Lee’s spent the last decade of his life working in recording studios. The last several of those years were spent as the Head Engineer at Green Day’s JingleTown Recording. Having been there from the day it publicly opened its doors to the day it closed, Lee worked almost every session that came through the door. Because of that experience, Lee had the pleasure of working with Bay Area legends such as Green Day, Machine Head, Fat Mike (NoFX), Samiam, and Too $hort as well as international acts like Kate Nash. Currently, Lee works day to day for Green Day as an engineer and, when possible, taking up extra sessions on weekends and nights with bands from around the Bay.

About this Interview:

Lee joins me for a discussion about surviving as an  intern,  working with Green Day, seizing opportunities, networking, complacency, introverts and extroverts as well as the art of frugality.    Enjoy! – Matt

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