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Working Class Audio with David Wheeler

WCA #004 with David Wheeler

David Wheeler is a recording engineer based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Las Cruces is located north of El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. David talks about the pros and cons of being one of the very few recording people in Las Cruces who do it on a pro-level and also talks about how the changes to the environment and business world affect the world of recording in the southern part of New Mexico. On a personal note, David and I  went to High School together as did our moms! Before David got into recording he used to play in a band called Obsidian with our High School friend and pro audio superstar Colin McDowell of McDSP plug-ins. Our discussion delves into location sound towards the end.  I have included an Amazon link to the book on the topic by Ric Viers called the “Location Sound Bible”. We mentioned it in the conversation but for timing reasons, I edited that part of the conversation out. The link is below. Enjoy!

Links mentioned in the show:,, Studio 603 (David’s studio in Las Cruces)