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Working Class Audio with Eddie Kramer

WCA #158 with Eddie Kramer

Legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer has worked with Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Traffic and a myriad of other major recording stars.

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About this Interview:

One day I received an email with the subject line Guest suggestion/Eddie Kramer from Clifton David Broadbridge. The email read “I work with Eddie in Toronto. I’m his studio partner and assistant,, was wondering if you would like to interview him for your podcast? He would be totally into it!” I almost fell out of the chair! Long story short, I replied back, spoke with Clifton, then spoke with Eddie, and next thing I know I’m wrapping up an interview with someone who is responsible for some of the most incredible records in music history. I was a little stunned afterward. Sincere, funny, and full of energy is how I would describe Eddie Kramer. We talk about his photography, Jimi Hendrix and the new record coming out, Led Zeppelin, business, diversification, leaving South Africa for England, the famous Troggs tape, music today vs. the past, rebuilding the El Mocambo club with a studio inside, and much more. Enjoy! Happy Holidays! Matt

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