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Working Class Audio #144 with Jack Shirley

Working Class Audio #144 with Jack Shirley!!!

Jack Shirley is a record producer, audio engineer, musician and owner of The Atomic Garden Studio located in Palo Alto, California.
He is best known for his work with Deafheaven,  Loma Prieta,  Bosse-de-Nage,  Punch,  Whirr,  La Bella, State Faults and Frameworks.
Jack is currently one year into building a new studio in Oakland, California that will become the new Atomic Garden and has been designed by Wes Lachot .

About this Interview:

I visit Jack at his new studio location in Oakland, California and see the building in process. We talk about Jack’s humble beginnings at his parents house recording on an Mbox and Dell Computer all the way to his current setup of an API 1608 and 2 inch analog machine. Jack takes me through his progression as an engineer and businessman, laying out his approach to money, band and work. Jack is truly passionate, focused and just an all around nice guy. Enjoy,   -Matt

Show notes and links:

Atomic Garden –
Wes Lachot –
Mix with the Masters –