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WCA #212 with Gentry Studer

Working Class Audio #212 with Gentry Studer!!!

Gentry Studer grew up with a definitive love of music. He played various instruments from an early age, later joining rock bands in high school. But with a name like “Studer”, although no actual relation to the famous tape machine, he was bound for the engineering world. Gentry graduated from the prestigious Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences program in 2013. He moved to Los Angeles and worked under one of the most iconic mastering engineers.  In 2015 Gentry started his own company, Epicenter Mastering. In 2016 the operation moved into Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood, California. In 2018 Epicenter Mastering relocated down south to Nashville, Tennessee in the historic RCA Studio A building.

His combined creative and technical backgrounds have informed Gentry’s approach to the art of mastering– not only to preserve and enhance the sonic qualities of an artist’s vision in the mix but also to bring across its feel and emotional intentions.  As he puts it, “it’s amazing the advances on the technical side and what it allows us to do but you can also fall into its trap. My musical background and extensive ear training allow me to go off feel, not just a spectrum analyzer.” “The idea is to preserve the recordings life, passion and blood sweat and tears the artist has poured into their work.” 

Gentry loves to stay busy in the studio – equating mastering projects with “having the privilege of meeting new interesting people everyday.”  When he’s not working he spends time seeing live music, enjoying the outdoors, trying craft beers and whiskeys, and eating endless amounts of hot chicken and BBQ.

About this Interview:

Gentry joins me to talk about interning with Howie Weinberg, moving around the US, his new studio located in the RCA building in Nashville and communication with remote mastering clients. Enjoy! – Matt

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