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Matt Boudreau/Natal DrumsMy name is Matt Boudreau and I’m a freelance audio guy. I’ve been recording, mixing and editing audio for 20 years now. I’ve also been playing drums for 32 years, ran my own studios for 12 years and for the last 8 years have been a Dad. In 2012 I left studio ownership and returned to the world of freelancing with a mountain of debt and a desire to get on the other side of it.

Without the burden of owning a studio, I’ve developed this idea of working that I started to call “Working Class Audio”. It’s nothing revolutionary but rather a set of ideas that many freelance audio folks fail to address and end up getting out of audio as a result. My goals were to continue a high standard of audio work without succumbing to gear lust and going further into debt, develop a healthy relationship with money and business, and in my case continue to be a good parent who is present for my kids. Working Class Audio is my conduit to share those experiences and ideas.

Stay tuned as Working Class Audio takes shape in the form of a blog, a podcast, video tutorials and therapist office.