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WCA #146 with Rene Coronado

Working Class Audio #146 with Rene Coronado!!!

Rene Coronado graduated in 1999 with with an AAS in audio engineering from South Plains College and jumped straight into the working world as an audio engineer at Dallas Audio Post where he does audio post and mixing, sound design, field recording and voice production. He also builds and releases sfx libraries at and is the co host of the tonebenders podcast  along with Tim Muirhead. 

About this Interview:

I interviewed Rene when I was in France staying at Studio La Fabrique. We were challenged by 2 visiting wasps in my room and therefore did the interview in two parts (1 for each wasp-kidding). We discuss Rene’s job at Dallas Audio post, work/life balance, sound design, capturing sounds in the field and maintaining those sounds for future access as well as his podcast Tonebenders. Special thanks to Mark Kilborn for setting this up! -Enjoy!

Show notes and links:

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5 814’s (Made by RCA Radiotron 1943)
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